Gabbie’s Story

Gabbie’s Story

“My son is my everything.”

In 2008 Gabbie was facing a full custody battle for her son Vlad, then 7. Up to this point, Vlad’s father had been absent, refusing contact and child support. Recent attempts to reach out had ended in a series of violent episodes that left Gabbie fearing for her family’s safety.

How Gabbie came to SMRLS

With her son’s future threatened, but without the resources to hire a private attorney, Gabbie turned to SMRLS’ Family Law Unit for help.

Gabbie’s SMRLS attorney immediately took over communications, offering critical protection in a volatile situation. She educated Gabbie on her rights and together they developed a plan of action.

Where she is today because of SMRLS

When the court date came, Gabbie received full custody and peace of mind. She could now focus on what mattered most. Her family is thriving and their future is bright. Gabbie has launched a new career and Vlad is flourishing. A top student, he plans to travel the world.

What you can do to help

SMRLS family law practice prioritizes safety and stability for children and families. These cases are often complicated and require an extensive amount of time and resources. By supporting SMRLS work, you can help ensure that children are free to dream for the future.

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Gabbie’s Story
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